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    Moon and Clouds

    Great eye. Very well seen and executed. Bart
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    Friday's Focus - 2020/07/31 - Cathedral

    Great set of cathedrals here; every one of them. Bart
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    A Soggy Day for a Hike

    Great scene, gorgeous colors Alan. Very well done. Bart
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    Waterfall Wednesday 8/12/2020

    Big scene, small falls. This is from Groff Creek in the Adirondacks, NY. This great little stream has a set of three nice falls on it. Rich greens in the Spring/Summer and great yellows in the fall.
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    Thursday's Task - 07/30/2020

    Those are really nice Dean, what a Dune collection you have. You nailed the shapes and light at the dune sunrise; and the bw is so stark and beautiful, with a great touch of subtle. Dune Messiah, I guess. Bart
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    White Sands.. I found a few :)

    Beautiful Dean. #4 and 5 for me. Just beautiful. Bart
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    Thursday's Task - 07/30/2020

    Fun assignment. Camped at Shi Shi with Martin. And at Minaret Lake with Dave, Deb and Elyse: Bart
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    Singing Eureka Dunes

    #1, what a wild scene. Well done. #2, really sweet with the light, cracks, subtle color variations and nice selection of interrupts. It would make a great canvas texture shot as background for another desert image mounted over it. Fine images. Bart
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    Birthday Sunrise on Lake Casidy

    How beautiful; that's a great birthday indeed; well earned in every way. Congratulations. Bart
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    Storm temple

    Well, I guess that makes you the Storm Temple Pilot ? Love this place and your perspective here. Bart
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    A Quiet Morning Along a Creek

    I'm finding great beauty in its complexity. You handle all of those great details quite well; as well as the light challenges. And it would make a mind-numbing jigsaw. Bart
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    Tuolumne Meadows Sunset

    Love that area, and you captured those beautifully. Hard to pick as they each have such great features. Bart
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    Bear Mountain Strike

    First for me as well. A truly extraordinary image. I'd have a hard time getting out there to shoot again if I ever captured one like this. Congratulations on a great effort and a superb result. Bart
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    The Road to Paria

    So many great locations in that area; this is a fine introduction. Well done. Bart
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    Neowise from Joshua Tree NP

    Well done, Tuan. Beautifully put together. Bart
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