1. JimFox

    Persistent with Perseids

    Well, this from back in August at the Devil's Tower in Wyoming. I had taken my 9 year old granddaughter up with me so we could watch and capture the Perseids Meteor shower. It seemed like most of the meteors were away from Devil's Tower on that night, but after going through them, I found enough...
  2. JimFox

    Pesky Perseids

    I ran up to the Devil's Tower with my oldest Granddaughter to capture the Perseids Meteor shower over Devil's Tower. After shooting the sunset, I found a spot which was a pullout on the road that goes up to the Tower that would suit the bill. I wanted to be able to shoot next to the Jeep so that...
  3. JimFox

    Devil's Tower Love

    Perhaps.... you can see the love too. :) This is from 2 weeks ago at the Devil's Tower in Wyoming during sunset. All comments are welcome, Jim
  4. JimFox

    A Tower of Milk

    A few weeks ago I went up to the Devil's Tower to capture Perseids Meteor shower and also the Milky Way. I took my oldest Granddaughter along who is 9 for the quick overnighter. It was a lot of fun and she had a blast. She only has a P&S so she couldn't capture the stars, but she had fun...
  5. JimFox

    Little House on the Prairie

    Last Friday as I was driving back from Yellowstone I passed back through the Tetons and Jackson taking HWY 191 down to Rock Springs to connect with the I-70 to head back to my daughters house as I had plans with the grandkids on the weekend with Pokemon Go Fest where we could catch Pokemon for...
  6. JimFox

    Mammoth Reflections

    I guess I could have used this on Friday's Focus, but I just finished it up. This is from Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone this past summer and was at sunset, or just prior and it had that nice golden coloring bouncing around all over. All comments are welcome, Jim
  7. JimFox

    Crossing Pattern

    This is Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming this past summer. It had already erupted which was one of the shorter eruptions I remember. It looked nice, but I liked the as the steam was dying down and being blown sideways and how interacted with the clouds in the background. All...
  8. JimFox

    In the Eye of the Storm

    As sunset rolled in so did these awesome storm clouds. It was like a feeling of pending doom or Armageddon approaching. This was in the Grand Tetons from a month ago from the Blacktail Pond Overlook area. Because of the clouds it was one of those where the colors were amazing in that there was...
  9. JimFox

    Cobra Rising

    This of course is of Mt Moran in the Grand Tetons in Wyoming, and when I was driving by it with a minivan full of grandkids I saw the very cool cloud formation and we had to pull over and stop for a bit. The lighter colored cloud reminded me of a Cobra rising, which reminded me of G.I. Joe and...
  10. JimFox

    Wind River Range

    i am not 100% positive, but I think this is part of the Wind River Range in Wyoming from a couple of days ago on the way to the Tetons. Taken with the Sony A6400 and edited with the iPhone. Jim
  11. Eric Gofreed

    Dueling Bison

  12. JimFox

    Johnny is Still Behind the Rocks

    Another one from Johnny Behind the Rocks in Wyoming, a really cool place that you should stop by if you are heading to the Grand Tetons. All comments are welcome, Jim
  13. JimFox

    Johnny Behind the Rocks

    Johnny Behind the Rocks is a little park area I stumbled across a few weeks back in Wyoming. I was up in the Tetons with Ben, Rick and Alan and I knew I wanted to be in Colorado the next day in time to pick up the grandkids from school, so instead of leaving after sunrise the following morning...
  14. Shibu George

    Wyoming's Most popular barn

    T.A. Moulton Barn about an hour after sunrise, next time I want to be there for sunrise. Earlier I posted a pano shot of this, but I like this better.
  15. Shibu George

    Schwabachers landing, Long exp

    I earlier posted another picture of this same frame, I'm posting this also being a fan of long exposures in some situations.
  16. Shibu George

    Love Aspens!

  17. Shibu George

    T. A. Moulton Barn

    One of the most photographed location/barn in Wyoming, this is definitely a sunrise/morning location, sun falls on the Tetons and the barn early morning. I was little late getting there after shooting sunrise at Schwabachers landing, Absolutely a must visit when you are in Yellowstone/Grand...
  18. Jim Dockery

    Wind River Rain Storm

    Circ of the Towers area. Winds-Rain-storm by Jim Dockery posted Feb 7, 2018 at 9:22 AM
  19. Zeph

    Morning Glow

    Morning Glow by Zeph posted Jan 18, 2018 at 9:37 PM The morning glow on Jenny Lake, nestled in the foothills of the Tetons...
  20. Zeph

    Schwabacher Landing

    A cloudless evening in Wyoming, at least the sun showed up... Thanks for your feedback
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