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I seldom try to choose a single subject. I normally want the entire range of what the eye sees. So my images tend to be very wide angle and landscape cropped. I do try to eliminate distraction on the edges, but that is about all I do towards subject isolation.

In this case, the subject was the Garden Wall at Glacier NP. It takes up the entire frame by itself.

I wanted to see if this meets the definition of a single subject? I would personally prefer a colorful sky to go with it.

All comments welcome and feel free to download and edit the image.

190722-10882-5DS R copy.jpg


When I take a shot like this I like to pick out some elements that will help balance the frame. In this case I decided to take you up on posting suggested edits. I cropped to take out some of the empty sky and a bit of the wall on the right hand side to bring the viewer's focus more towards the nice shapes and contours of the ridge lines. I also gave a little more emphasis on the bit of exposed ridge behind the primary garden wall.


This might not be quite what you had in mind but it added more interest at least for my eyes.


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Hey Ben, just a quick note before I head out the door.

First, the lack of clouds here I think is a plus. Having clouds would distract from the wall and the details of the wall.

Second, I like Alan's crop. It definitely has a very nice focus point now and it works really well.
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