Callanish stones


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The monument of Callanish stones in the Outer hebrides was modified over time but the ring of stones were erected 5000 years ago, 2000 years before Stonehenge. It was tricky deciding to go for a sunburst sunset shot or use the golden clouds as a backdrop, but the latter was my choice in the end. Maybe I should have moved a bit faster and achieved both.
The Isle of Lewis is a beautiful island to visit, the weather changes minute by minute. It is almost a 3 hour ferry from the north of mainland Scotland. I have added a couple of fun pics, to show you how amazing it is to stay here. The cottage we stayed at was right on the edge of Uig Bay.
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I love how you are presenting the stones with the golden clouds above and nice side lighting. Looks like a beautiful place to visit.


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Wow Jane!!!

First off, what an awesome image! 2000 years before Stonehenge is pretty crazy to think. I like your choices.

And the other 2 images a jealousy inducing!!!!! What an incredible place to stay. Any photos of the inside?
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