1. Jim Dockery

    Sunset on Success Cleaver, Mt. Rainier

    The only glacier free route to the summit.
  2. Jim Dockery

    Mt. Adams & Unicorn Pk.

    Paradise creek valley curves below the distant mountains. We were on our way back to Paradise after a day of back-country skiing on the Cowlitz Glacier.
  3. Jim Dockery

    Eagle Peak

    Mt. Rainier NP
  4. Jim Dockery

    Summer Skiing on Mt. Rainier

    My partner Eric and I explored some steep chutes off the Muir Snowfield last week. We were dismayed to find the lower part melted out into a steep waterfall that forced us to climb up and over to another gully that went to the Nisqually Glacier. We had this part of the mountain to ourselves and...
  5. Jim Dockery

    Vesper Pk.

    I got out for a good day of skiing yesterday. Couldn't find a partner (much to my wife's dismay), but this is one of my favorite local routes, so wasn't worried and took care. I also have an emergency locator beacon for a last resort. I only brought my iPhone and snapped a couple of landscapes...
  6. Jim Dockery

    Breaking out of the house!

    They have lifted the rules here in WA to allow dispersed camping and hiking on most forest service land. We loaded up our new truck-camper (which has been sitting idle in our carport for months) and drove over Hwy 20 with two friends for 3 wonderful days of hiking and skiing. Gorge Creek...
  7. Jim Dockery

    Bending The Rules

    The shelter in place rules here in WA are pretty clear - including no non-essential travel. Our national forest trailheads are all closed, but the trails are open for those who live close enough. Up till yesterday I've been strictly following these rules (with the exception of driving an hour to...
  8. Jim Dockery

    Back-country Powder Skiing

    Stevens Pass, WA 1/28/20. Warming temps will turn this to mashed potatoes today, but we got the goods yesterday!
  9. Jim Dockery

    Lichtenberg Mt.

    Taken on a great day of back-country powder skiing at Stevens Pass, WA. As you can see we had the mountain to ourselves and knee deep powder! I've posted a ski shot from the same location over in the Sports forum (which doesn't seem to get much traffic).
  10. Jim Dockery

    Best of 2019

    1. Sunset North Cascades, drone pano, I continue to learn and use my drone to capture new perspectives. White-Chuck-Drone-002a-Pano by Jim Dockery posted Oct 27, 2019 at 2:16 PM 2. Morning Star Pk. drone view in winter. Taken on a rare winter climb/ski of Vesper Pk. that kicked my old butt...
  11. Jim Dockery

    Snowy Stillaguamish River

    My wife and I went on our first X-ski day up The Mountain Loop Hwy yesterday. You can't see it in this picture but it was lightly raining all day (not unusual in this area) but our Gortex worked and we had a nice day - the snow was surprisingly good skiing in a snowmobile track.
  12. Jim Dockery

    First Descent

    My partner Jeff and I did what we think might have been the first ski descent of Columbia Peak's west face. Jeff got this shot as I started down the steep snow slope just at sunset. This was the perfect end to a very long and tiring day. We slept very well in our bivy just below the face.
  13. Jim Dockery

    Kangaroo Ridge

    Shot from Hwy 20, North Cascades. Sky by Luminar.
  14. Jim Dockery

    Mt. Baker

    The west face of Mt. Baker in late afternoon winter light.
  15. Jim Dockery

    Mt. Baker above Skagit Valley

    Bare winter blueberry bushes in the foreground.
  16. Jim Dockery

    New Years Day Walk

    After a mellow New Years eve old folks party at our house, Debbie and I got an after lunch start on our drive up The Mountain Loop Hwy. on the 1st. We dressed warm and brought our umbrellas for a casual walk up the gated Monte Cristo rd., which we had to ourselves. Wish it would have been...
  17. Jim Dockery

    Frosty Day In The Cascades

    Not much color in the shady Mt. Loop valley so I went B&W with these. South Fork Stillaguamish River Big Four trail
  18. Jim Dockery

    Silver Star Mt.

    Driving down from Washington Pass, Silver Star catches the late afternoon light.
  19. Jim Dockery

    Frosty Trees

    Drone Pano looking down on some frosty trees just off The Mountain Loop Hwy. Orton effect applied, then picture frame.
  20. Jim Dockery

    Cascade Mountains Sky Replacement

    Drone-Mt.-Loop-11.19-192a-Pano by Jim Dockery posted Dec 5, 2019 at 7:01 AM Lewis Pk. catches the evening sun, Del Campo to the right. Drone shots processed and stitched in ACR, sky replacement Luminar 4
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