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    The Moon Among the Wires - Central Cal version.

    This is really nice Jim! The energy of the moving birds is really neat and it makes the picture flow in a really nice way I think
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    Underground Overground?

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    The Sun among the wires

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    Dark night along the California coast

    I did not have my tripod so these are like @F2... but still interesting. Calafia state beach San Clemente
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    There was an eerie stillness in the air

    Just side streets and alley-ways, a sliver of Oceanside California at night 1 2 3 4 5 6
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    "Roasted Chestnuts"

    Nice details in this one...
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    California St, San Francisco during the pandemic

    Pretty cool, , lots of activity in this picture
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    The new normal

    Thanks everyone !!
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    The Recipe #47 - Soft Contrast

    Not sure if this is a good fit or not... pretty soft and low contrast
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    The new normal

    Just up the trail from me about 150 feet...
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    Fullerton Train Station near dusk

    I was aiming for a 70s film look.. Shooting with that old 80's 135mm.. Lots of challenge.
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    Solitary Evening

    A few shots from about a week ago.. I wasnt really trying to shoot particularly well , just wandering around
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    Kensington market..

    Cool shots ! Welcome to the forum :) Lots of interesting blur and HDR type of B&W processing... kind of eerie almost..
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