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    Valley of Fire State Park, NV

    Nice work with the light in both of these images. I like the rock art shot.
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    Faces in the mountain: The mummy, Mutt and Jeff

    Your imagination is outstripping mine for the faces here.
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    Along the Rim

    Nice one Jim. I like the skies you have to work with down there - could you send some of those up to the PNW? The only giveaway for an iPhone shot in a scene like this is the hue of the blue sky. I have done comparisons of my iPhone 11 Pro vs. my Canon 5D MkIV and the sky hues were one of the...
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    Puck Castle

    Outstanding shot Graeme - I like this point of view with the bare branches making the back of the castle look like a porcupine. I am one of those photographers who doesn't like clear skies at all. I'd much rather be shooting with clouds.
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    Pacman Nebula in SHO

    Worth the click through to the larger version. I could stare into the details in this scene for a long time and still not absorb it all. Beautiful to say the least.
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    Walden Pond

    Glad you did stop - it would be difficult to arrange a more pleasing collection of fall leaves. Nicely framed scene.
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    Jumping spider

    I love the close in shot. Amazing level of detail given what you started with. These guys are cute close up but near impossible to chase around. Nice work.
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    Waterfall Wednesday 4/14/2021

    I love those falls. I need to get back up there this summer.
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    Waterfall Wednesday 4/14/2021

    That's a lot of water coming down that creek - nice one Dan.
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    Dead Horse with Holga

    Definitely has an antique feel to it with this treatment.
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    Waterfall Wednesday 4/14/2021

    I believe that these are the Lower North Falls - good view of them with the trees not fully showing their leaves yet.
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    Waterfall Wednesday 4/14/2021

    Your low key approach to waterfalls continues to enchant my eyes - nice work Ken.
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    Winged Wednesday 4/14/2021

    Nice set Eric - for once I can follow along with another long bill specimen in the form of a Great Blue Heron. Taken at the Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge.
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    Waterfall Wednesday 4/14/2021

    Good morning and welcome to another round of Waterfall Wednesday. My starter falls for today are some unnamed falls along my favorite trail in the Siuslaw National Forest that follows Sweet Creek. Add your own falling water images :)
  15. Sweet Creek

    Sweet Creek

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