When you take your own portraits

David S

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I forgot my umbrella , so we went bare bulb... I even set some of them to be really bright ! - dialed in the settings, had an 11 year old take the shots...
Its not a look that's for everyone, but I liked the results.. Authentic and real. The beautiful El Salvadorian is my lovely fiancé.. I don't deserve her at all ! God is good.
The last shot is like totally un-posed just natural personality...








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Congrats on the engagement Dave! She is beautiful inside and out. :)

What a great set, I think you nailed these and they do have a very authentic feel to them.


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Hi David

First Congratulations !!! I have to agree 100% with Jim as well, When I'd first looked at the images, I thought how Natural and Real they felt,
something that seems to escape a lot of Shooters these days, making things "Perfect"

Also, talk about Spot on with What a Beautiful Lady, with such a Kind and Wonderful Smile. You are Indeed a Lucky Man,
as well as She's quite a Lucky Young Lady to have someone like you !!! Much Happiness To You Both, Y'all Have a Wonderful Journey Ahead of You Both !!!

Take Care, Be Safe, and Well,


Jim Dockery

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Sweet shots, agree on the genuine and happy feel. Congratulations, you found a beautiful woman with a wonderful smile. May you share many happy years together!
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