Twenty Years (Or so) Later


Is the second one the last Jeep or just the most recent?

The position of some of the rocks on the upper talus slopes have changed :D


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Pretty cool Craig! The look of the Jeeps has hardly changed in 20 years. What other car manufacture could have a vehicle where one from 20 years ago looks almost identical to a new Jeep. It looks like your old one was missing the top? And I bet your new Jeep is much more advanced inside of it. The console it probably quite a bit different now.


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That first Jeep was great, two door, bikini top. Quite spartan. Made you feel part of the experience, especially when a desert squall would blow in.

The Jeeps today, they have everything. And cost almost four times as much unfortunately.

It was sheer coincidence last Sunday I was way out there and the sun was going down when I remembered that first picture as I was passing that rock. So I had to stop! The light was perfect.

Much better camera (I think that was a Canon p&s) and hopefully skills had improved a bit...
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