The Best of March 2020


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Post your 1 Best Photo from March 2020.

What this is, is a Thread for each of us to post our 1 BEST photo from the photos we had posted here at FocalWorld the previous Month. It's never easy to pick just 1, but it's a great exercise.

In this case from March. It doesn't have to have been taken in March, it simply needs to have been Posted here at FocalWorld some time in March.

And most importantly, it can be from any of the Forums!

While we are heavy with our Landscape postings, this thread will be for all of the forums. So if your Best photo was a City photo, post it here. If it was a People photo, post it here. The idea is to be able to all come together and share our Best photo, and perhaps open some peoples eyes to other types of photography as they look through the postings.

This might take some thinking from everyone, it might take some tough choices to just pick one. Remember there is no right or wrong choice, just pick the one that spoke the most to you.

Have fun! :)


If you have a hard time remembering what you posted here last month, just click on the Find Threads underneath the Forum Menu Bar. This is new.
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