Sunshine in Troutdale

Jim Dockery

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Lovely. When I first opened this on my computer I thought, "Rather blah for Ken," but then I scrolled down to the perfect light coming through onto the house. Finding it like that was a treat that made me feel an "Ah-ha!"

Ben Egbert

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I have to agree with Jim on this one, the top portion works well when the rest is taken used for context. Beautiful mood created here.


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have to agree, this one kept getting better and better as i scrolled down. great image.


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Here I thought you had gotten to Troutdale Oregon by the Columbia River Gorge Ken! :)

Cumbria was one of my highlights when I went to the UK, and this is such a cool scene. You could borrow my title “Nestled” from my Thread yesterday and have it fit this scene perfectly.


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Beautiful shot. The light on the houses works very well to highlight the image.
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