Skyline Meetup - 2020 - Post your Group Photo


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We had a great meetup with a lot of awesome members showing up. I will edit this and add everyone’s names later as the last of us are wrapping things up.

To start it off I will post a photo of the last survivors who made it to Monday montning. For those who joined us, please add your photos to this thread that captured other people from the meetup. Don’t post your pure landscape images here, start your own threads please in the Landscape forum.

So here is the last of us sitting around after an awesome sunrise and breakfast. We have Alisa, Jeffrey and Ben.

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Ben Egbert

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Hey, don't forget Eddy. I have a few images that are downloading now. Where should I put the river fording images?

Ben Egbert

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We had a water crossing at The Fremont River Ford. I went first and took everyone else's pictures as they crossed. I was not able to get my camera setting right before Jeffrey crossed and it is gong to take a lot of work to even become recognizable. It was half way there when Alicia crossed but still out of focus. I finally got it sorted by the time Jim crossed.

200531-13568-5DS R.jpg

Jim look at the bow wake, We found a fish under his car and Jeffrey ate it for dinner.

200531-13582-5DS R.jpg


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Oh, man! I wish I could have made the trip! My next venture appears to be late Sept into Oct this fall. Hope to make Utah, Wyoming and Montana, and maybe more!

Jameel Hyder

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Looks like a fun trip you guys had. Had to drop out of a planned trip due to some work at the house which could let wait. It’s still going on as I write this.
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