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Jim Dockery

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More playing around with Luminar sky replacement. I'm going think of this when shooting, good to look for trees against a bald sky, which is what I used here from the hike into The Wave. I always try to find such an element when shooting stars, but that is very difficult when trying for the MW (which of course makes well executed shots like Jim F gets all the more amazing). I will now just go for some pure star pictures that I can use as sky replacements (the software lets you use your own sky also).



Pretty dramatic silhouette to juxtapose with the MW.

You are getting better results with these than some of the early efforts I saw from folks when Luminar 4 first came out. Night images are a better bet since you don't have to worry about matching the direction of light source between the ground layer and the cloned in sky.

Jim Dockery

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You are right Alan on the difficulty of matching light. I'm also going to be looking for dramatic skies to shoot with light on the clouds coming from different directions to use as replacement skies. The software comes with mostly sunsets with the sun below or behind the clouds, which as you say doesn't always jive with the landscape you are placing it in.

Jameel Hyder

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Interesting affect on the posted image. Now with one click ability to do this, I am seeing this overdone a lot these days. Good idea to collect sky images of your own for this. I have done some sky replacement but done manually so far.
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