Not a Lone Tree


We have had a lot of lone tree posts recently so I thought I would toss in the exact opposite with a fall image from the Hoh Rainforest on the Olympic Peninsula.

I have been playing around a bit with the Dodge and Burn technique described by @Ken Rennie using the History Brush tool in photoshop and have to say that it seems like a very powerful way to edit scene like this one. Scenes like this tend to be quite dynamic when you set up to shoot them and then look quite flat on your screen when you start processing the results. The History Brush tool allowed me to restore the dimensionality of this scene in ways that tools like Topaz simply can't address with full scene adjustments. Using layers and masks to replicate what I was able to do with the brush would have required 20-30 layers with masks in each.


C&C always welcome.

Ben Egbert

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What a great image Alan, I need to try that technique. I am mostly a global adjustment guy. This ferns really stand out from the background


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This is awesome Alan!

I feel like with all of these guys posting such awesome single tree shots that I need to join in with you and post some not so single trees as I really don't have many single tree photos. Maybe enough to count on 1 hand?
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