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After numerous false starts and then changing my mind and backing out I finally broke down and bought a drone.

My purpose is actually pretty straightforward, as a lot of places I go in the real back country (not restricted for drone use) I have no clue what's 100 feet further into the forest or the other side of that sandstone monolith. So I like to go up above the trees, then scout a bit. In my limited use I'm already surprised how deep and dense some of the LaSal Mountain forests are. No good pictures or videos as yet. Flying it around still makes me a little nervous as I expect to hit a tree or it just disappears...

FYI, So due to the weight you have to register it with the FAA (pay $5), take a little pop quiz test, and put the copy of the FAA registration number on the outside somewhere. A Dymo labeler is the best bet for that. You don't have to do that with the smaller drones like the DJI Mini 2. Although you might want to wait as a Mini 3 is supposed to come out in August... And probably be $50 more..

Also, for the first timer, the DJI customer care insurance might be a good idea too... And pay a little extra and get the fly more package, the battery gets eaten up pretty fast. Oh, and a couple 128gb micro sd cards too... Just like a camera, the initial cost is just the beginning...

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Looks like fun ahead with a new toy to play with. Like Ben I am looking forward to what you shoot once you get more used to flying it around.


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How cool Craig! I can see where it would be practical for you. I do also look forward to seeing some video and photos from it.

I have toyed with the idea of getting the Mini 2. I am not in a rush, so I will wait to see what the Mini 3 offers.
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