Motorcycle Morning


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I'm a (very) part-time biker. I don't own a motorcycle of my own, so I ride once or twice a year when a friend lends me their machine or if I rent one. A friend of a friend lent me his Yamaha V-Star - the blue motorbike to the right of the yellow Ducati - and I joined a group of seven other bikers for a weekend trip to Julian, CA this past weekend. We rode 300+ miles beginning in Palm Springs. My Nikon came along for the ride and was stored in one of the saddle bags.

This shot was taken early Sunday morning with the Sigma 17-50 mm lens. I noticed the golden morning light bathing the motorcycles in the driveway and liked how the front tire created a long shadow.



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That's really cool Michael. What a fun trip that would be, Julian is such a neat area. Good job with seeing that golden light in this.
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