LOVE It When This Happens...

Mike Lewis

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So while surfing through my 2018 UT trip images for some Antelope canyon images to post in Friday's focus, I came across this image. I was struck by it almost immediately, and after some editing tweaks and putting a 16 x 9 crop on it, I ended up deciding I really liked it. By no means a world class image, and not even my best image from the trip, but an image that speaks to me and helps me recall the feeling of standing there in the waning sunlight at that magical place.

I must have gone through this particular folder of raw captures countless times, and had long since decided I had mined out all the 'good stuff'. This is of course why I have so much trouble throwing out all my old raw frames that I did not initially like. Anyway, without any more jabber, here it is:


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