Nice sleek design. I'd love to be able to see one of these right next to a late 60's E series that so many boomer males (self included) got obsessed with.


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Man, this is so cool!!!! Is this your car? If not, how did you get it parked in the middle there?

#1 is really cool, but the light glaring on the windshield is a distraction, I would get rid of that.

#2 could be my favorite too!

#4, I really like what you did, I have tried that shot before and failed miserably. It seems like such a simple concept, but I couldn't pull it off, this is great what you did.

#6, I really like that in your face look! A litle WA distortion, or just lens distortion from being right in your face really sweetens this.

These are totally so professional looking Jeff! Did you get paid to shoot this?

Jameel Hyder

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Yes that last one does it for me as well. I also find the reflections in the logo in #5 interesting. Was that intentional?
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