Independence Monument


Neat shots Bob - the lizard in the first image steals the show with the wonderful blue hues. The last shot has some really nice clouds behind the tower.

Bob Israel

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Thanks Alan! I love the wispy clouds in this series. I need to find out what kind of lizard this is . . . never seen one so colorful as this before.


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Love that Lizard Bob! I also don't know what type it is. We need @Eric Gofreed or @Douglas Sherman to help on this one I think.

Well composed images. You may have been on a hiking tour and not a photography tour, but you sure made the most of these hikes Bob. Sometimes we get spoiled into thinking that good photography can only happen at sunrise or sunset, but that's not true, with a good photographer, great photography can happen any time of day they have a camera in their hand.

My order of favorites here are #1, 2, 4, 3.
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