Hot Creek Milk

Brandon Moore

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Last Sunday I spent the night at Hot Creek. It was clear as a bell at sunset - then the clouds I needed for sunset rolled in just as the Milky Way was lining up. 3 years ago when I first started shooting the Milky Way this would've totally bummed me out but I've learned to roll with the punches and just enjoy being out there under the stars. And I actually really like the clouds in this one. I struggled with how much to lighten up the foreground so I would love to hear your thoughts. This is 16 images stacked, ISO 6400, F2.5, 10 secs.



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Rolling with the punches is a great kind set to have Brandon. Really nice work here, I think I would lighten up the ground just a little more, though not too much as I prefer a night time feel to the ground layer.


Nice result - I like the clouds streaking through the scene here. I might be inclined to bring up a little more light on the foreground.

Jim Dockery

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Nice work, I might crop a bit of the clouds off the top. A night with some clouds can make for a great time-lapse.


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i would lighten the foreground just a little more. or maybe just the lake and river and a tiny bit of the surrounding land.

i think this is a better shot with the clouds than it would have been without. the clouds give the sky a little more balance with such a detailed foreground. gorgeous work.
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