Him and her


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I have had a pleasure to work with couple from Germany. The weather was terrible as very very windy and it doesnt help once you are at the dunes.




Amy Nelson

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Welcome and thanks for the share Michal!

I love the way her hair and dress are blowing in the 1st image. I was thinking, because his white shirt catches the eye and pulls it that way, maybe fill it in with the dark color of his suit...I think it's far enough away that you wouldn't be able to tell. But that's just a thought I had when I first looked at it.

Looking forward to more images.



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Hey Mike, such a beautiful bride to work with! Trying to photograph women with long hair on a windy day can be so tough! Sometimes some bobby pins can be used discreetly to try and pull their hair back, but usually that's a loosing cause in the end. I do like the bit of chaos being presented in #2 with her hair blowing around like it is in contrast to their eyes totally locked onto each other.
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