Hills of California


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A shot from our most recent trip to the Left Coast while visiting family! Northern California is a gorgeous expanse of rolling hills that really catch the eye. Every so often you see a scene when going from Point A to Point B when you just have to stop and snag a few.

This one was too good to pass up, so we pulled the car [full of kids] off to the side of the highway in order for Crazy Uncle Jeff to hop out, scamper across the road and take some pics.

Shot on an IR-converted Canon 5D2 (850nm cutoff) body and 16-35 f4 lens.


C&C encouraged and thanks for viewing!


Ben Egbert

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Nice one Jeff, the black sky and white foreground make for an interesting contrast. Good to see you back here.


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It is awesome to see you back Jeff! I know you have been super busy, but man it's awesome to have you back. :)

I like the IR look of this. I like the contrast between the hills and the dark sky. I will confess my first inclination is to pull down on the midtones on the ground layer to help accentuate the rolling hills. But that could just be my inexperience with IR talking.

I know I am ready to learn about IR!

Amy Nelson

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I can totally understand that need to stop. Thanks for taking the time to stop, and for sharing with us, great image! :)
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