Full Moon Setting


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On Oct 13, the morning after the modest sunset in Morro Bay, I got up very early, after consulting the LighTrac app, to catch the near full moon setting beside Morro Rock and The Sentinel. Taken from up on top of the dunes along Morro Strand.
Wonderful reflection off the sea, and even on top of a cloud bank somewhat off-shore.
Sharp eyes may notice a couple on the beach, one of their live view screens visible.

Bart Carrig

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Absolutely gorgeous Barry. One of the finest night shots I"ve seen. Single exposure it appears; I'd love to know the settings. It's one thing I'd like to do more of here. We don't have the best locations here for that type of image, but I do want to get started.



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Thanks, guys! Much appreciate your kind comments.
Yes, there are two exposures here. Both at f/8, iso 400, the primary exposure at 15 seconds, the moon shot 1/8 sec.
There was just enough brightening in the eastern sky to help with the rocks and beach, but still dark enough to get nice sky and surf.
Again, many thanks!

Sunny Sra

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This is very cool...having the people adds to much to the scene..."moon worshippers" . only recommendation to darken their lcd screen :)
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