Friday's Focus - 2019/11/22 - Snow


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Well, due to my having Thursday filled with falling snow here in New Mexico I decided our Focus this Friday should be Snow.

So please add your Snow coverered Landscape photos to this Thread.

I will start with a photo I took yesterday in Los Alamos, New Mexico.



Ken Rennie

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I had to look up New Mexico as I was surprised at snow as I thought, wrongly, it was all semi-arid desert. A quick look on a map shows me the high mountains, I must! learn more about the USA. We have had a little snow lately but not enough for decent images so these are from January this year. Ken
_DSC3711-1 with boatfor fw.jpg

_DSC4431-1 small mono-1 fw.jpg

_DSC4075-1-1 fw.jpg

Carlo Didier

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I am experiencing mid 60's along the southern Oregon coast right now so nothing current to shoot for the frozen stuff. I don't have my archives with me in the field so will have to resort to Gallery shots.

Bryce Canyon:

Mt. St. Helens:
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