Friday's Focus - 2019/09/13 - Hills


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Friday's Focus this week is on Hills.

Soon, many of us will be in the mountains shooting fall colors. In working up to those tall mountains, I thought we could start off with some low hills.

Please add your Hill photos to this thread.

I will start with a shot from some local hills that I call "Contrasts" since the tower with the power lines in it contrasts with the natural hills and wildflowers.



Ken Rennie

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I thought that someone had picked this topic just for me. After all I live in a country where what I call mountains you call hills. Having gone through half of my 75,000 images I find that I seldom photograph hills, lots of trees on top of hills but the hills are really not the subject. So to the other side of the world, New Zealand South Island.

The next one is really an image of a church on a hill, but what a hill. This is a volcanic plug in Le Puy in Southern France and I did climb up and go into the beautiful little church on top

Thank you for choosing his subject as you have reminded me that I have lived in many places with beautiful hills but have never gone out to photograph them. Ken
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