Fall Near Some Falls


I know it isn't Wednesday but given that I have over 1000 images taken near Latourell Falls I don't think I need to save them :)

Fall colors are a bit late in the Columbia River Gorge compared to areas like the Rocky Mountains so early November is the best time to visit. This is a shot from my archives showing the trail leading to the base of Latourell Falls during an early November visit.

C&C always welcome.


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This is really sweet Alan. Will you ahoot in the gorge this fall?

So I think we need a thread title Spring by a Spring...

Jim Dockery

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The cloudy day worked great to control contrast and show the color and detail in the shadows nicely. I really want to push those branches out of the way that are blocking the falls though!


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The color variation does wonders for my eyes, but the composition kinda misleading, to me it looks like two images, the great interesting top, and leading nowhere bottom, i would consider loosing 30-40% of the bottom, but thats just my HO...
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