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When I saw my wife come in with this nice little arrangement of dahlias she just picked from our front yard garden today, I knew I had the subject to try a focus stack image. I had failed at the last couple of attempts that were actually tests of the automated focus bracket feature on my Fuji GFX100 camera. I just didn't have the control I needed. On this shoot, I picked my own focus points and pressed the shutter each time. I missed a small area of the focal plane I needed, but it is not too obvious here. I used 14 frames. With a 102 mpxl camera, the layered photoshop working file was 9.5 GB! Things were slowing down, and it was quite time consuming to align the layers and then merge them in PS. I left the room and did other tasks while this was calculating...

Setup was simply natural light from a window to the right with a piece of blue mat board as the background all on the kitchen counter. GF120mm macro lens, f8, almost a second of exposure.. I darkened and vignetted the BG in post, but the flowers got minimum treatment, as this camera has such fabulous IQ right off the card, especially comping to -1.0 EV to saturate the colors naturally and control the whites.. I don't really think I'm very good at this yet, but I was happy with this result.



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Love the result Jeffrey! This looks awesome!

And I appreciate your discussion of your technique. I always enjoy getting some insight into the photographers mind set.

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Wow Jeffrey, this is a masterpiece. I hope you print this big. I would love to have this hanging on my wall and so far I have nothing but landscapes and birds.


Delightful result - and thanks for describing the file size/compute time necessary to work with a beast like this one. The natural light and color balance is spot on. I tried to figure out where you missed a focal plane but at web resolution I can't find it with my feeble eyesight.

Good thing your computer can't emit groaning sound effects whilst crunching the data for blends like this one 😁

Amy Earl

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What an incredible image. Thank you for sharing your process, it teaches me a lot. I haven't done a lot of photo stacking but I have the feeling this is an exemplary use of it.
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