Best of 2021

Jim Dockery

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1. My main ski partner, Eric, enjoying our best day of back-country powder last year at Stevens Pass. We were lucky to have this whole area of the mountain to ourselves on this sunny day, felt like the good ole days when we started skiing here ~30 years ago.


2. Eric got this shot of me the same day I took the first one. We worked together on this to make the best ski shot of me in many years. Just looking at it makes me bend my knees into the turn and want to flow down that sweet powder.


3. The lines in the clouds leading to my friend John are the obvious reason I framed up this iPhone shot of him on the lower slopes of Mt. Baker. This an important memory shot for him because we did this the week of his 70th birthday. He did the first ski descent of this route back in the 70s and I agreed to support him in his goal to do it again on the 50th anniversary in a couple years.


4. Classic view of the east face of Mt. Rainier from apply named Sunrise. I lived there for a summer back in the 70s when I worked as an assistant climbing ranger, so every visit brings back great memories.


5. My wife Debbie paddling on our favorite little local lake, I loved the reflections in the smooth water that was also perfect for paddling.


6. Beverly Beach, OR. Best sunset of the trip down the coast.


7. Sunset over Lake Stevens, drone pano. I'm so lucky to live here.


8. My wife on the 1st long free hanging rappel, Cassidy Arch, Capital Reef NP. She hasn't been climbing for some years, but said she wanted to get back into it a bit after this wonderful day being guided by some old friends.


9. Drone view of Hanksville UT badlands. I've been psyched for a long time to get my drone down in this area and managed to get some good shots.


10. Skyline Overlook, UT, another place I'd never been, but had been psyched about after seeing Ben's great shots. I got a new iPhone 13 two days before leaving on this trip. I brought it with me everywhere and often grabbed a few shots with it before I pulled out my Sony A7rII. Amazing quality for a phone. Later in the trip I left my real cameras behind on a number of hikes and just brought the phone.
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Kyle Jones

Very nice set of images. The first two skiing images really caught my eye and I like that last one a lot too.


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You had a really fun 2021 Jim! A lot of great images and fun images! Please add #’s to the photos so it’s easier to comment.


Fun set - you had a good year for shooting no matter the camera system. I love the first two skiing shots - great snow that almost looks like something I used to see in Utah. Neat sunset shots - both from Beverley Beach as well as Lake Stevens.

Jim Dockery

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Sorry about the numbers Jim, I read that a while ago but not today when I finally got around to posting.

Thanks for all the comments guys. Despite the pandemic I did have a good year. Retirement is wonderful!
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