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Jim Dockery

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I'm not sure who's taming who. I've got a couple of squirrels that I feed peanuts in my yard. They come up to the window I look out of from my computer to get my attention, then I jump up, go out to the garage to grab a small handful of raw peanuts out of the big bag I order from Amazon, and go out on the patio and they carefully come over for a treat. I don't try to feed them by hand, wanting to avoid their sharp little claws, but they will often munch right next to me so I've been trying to grab a few shots. I had some good luck today capturing this little female with my Sony A7rII 24-105mm.


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I think she's gotten you well trained, Jim! Those little guys make such quick, jerky movements, it's wonderful that she's posing for you. You've got some great detail in her fur.


I was thinking the same thing as Monika - your training is progressing nicely 😁 I'd be far more cautious about her teeth as well as her claws.

We have a ton of these guys in our neighborhood and on one occasion quite a few years back a neighbor's cat tangled with one up close and personal. The sounds of the fight (noise from both of them) was audible from several houses away. The squirrel showed up at our peanut feeder several days missing an eye. The cat didn't make it.

Jim Dockery

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Alan, we have a few old neighborhood cats that like to hang out in our yard since we don't have a dog. They used to try chasing the squirrels, but gave up a few years ago when they never got close, lucky for them.

Jameel Hyder

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Love that first shot. We had some come and attack the bird feeder and pretty much empty it before the birds have a chance at it. Finally had to put a squirrel barrier on the bird feeder.
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