Autumn in the far North (of Scotland) with new image added

Ken Rennie

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Mobile phone access is patchy, internet access is almost non- existent so this may never arrive. Presently in the far North of Scotland on the West Coast facing Labrador but this image is from the East Coast where the trees are in full Autumn swing. The mornings have been very misty and this was taken just as the mist had almost gone. The foliage in the foreground is standing in 6" of water so getting around to find the best location is a fraught process. Hope you like the gentle mood and colours Ken.
This image is taken a few minutes later with me hoping for some sunshine in the foreground that never arrived.
_DSC3821-1 from laptop.jpg
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I like the subtle palette this takes on with the rising mist in the scene. The colors on the trees behind is tantalizing since they are mostly masked by the mist.


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I do enjoy this mood Ken! Thanks for describing the conditions too, it really helps to place us there.

I am glad this photo was able to make it through despite the poor signals there.
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