A-10 Warthog

Ben Egbert

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Very nice capture. Don't they keep obsoleting it and then bringing it back because nothing else can do what it does?


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Thanks so much Don! This is one of my most favorite airplanes! Not sure why, but it’s always been right there as a favorite.

Not that you asked, but since it came to mind here is my 3 favorite airplanes in no particular order.

1. P51 Mustang
2. F-15
3. A-10 Warthog


Unusual little plane but totally unique for what it can do. Neat shot of this one.

Seeing them skimming the water with full loads of armament is awe inspiring. I was on a dive trip next to the Channel Islands off the California coast back in the 80s and got buzzed by several of these practicing at one the islands that the Navy has set aside for this sort of activity.
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