1. Jim Dockery

    Eagle Peak

    Mt. Rainier NP
  2. JimFox

    Friday's Focus - 2020/05/05 - Dead Trees

    Our focus this Friday is on trees that are dead in a Landscape. Please add your Dead Tree Landscapes to this thread. I will start with one from the Bristlecone Pines in California. Jim
  3. JimFox

    The Path to Infrared

    Part of my trail running route runs right through here, so I always have my eye as I like the way the path meanders through the trees. I have been wanting to shoot it in IR now for a few weeks, but I usually get there too late and it's getting dark. The one issue I have with using the 720nm...
  4. Amy Earl

    April in the Alps

    A couple pictures of some flowering trees in the village taken the other evening with the mountains as a backdrop. I'm glad I've had time to immortalize some of the things in bloom while they last, the season is moving quickly here. C&C welcome. April In The Alps by Amy Earl posted Apr 26, 2020...
  5. Amy Nelson

    Standing Tall & Proud...

    It's good to be different than others. Canon EOS T3i, EF-55-250mm, 655nm mod, 55mm, 1/80 sec at f/5.0, ISO 100
  6. Amy Earl

    A blooming snowstorm

    There was a spring snowstorm last year on May 5th. It was real windy. I ran out to the field where the apple trees were all in bloom and captured some shots of them getting covered by the driving snow. The spring flowers thread reminded me about these shots that I never cropped quite the way I...
  7. Jim Dockery

    Mt. Baker

    The west face of Mt. Baker in late afternoon winter light.
  8. Jim Dockery

    New Years Day Walk

    After a mellow New Years eve old folks party at our house, Debbie and I got an after lunch start on our drive up The Mountain Loop Hwy. on the 1st. We dressed warm and brought our umbrellas for a casual walk up the gated Monte Cristo rd., which we had to ourselves. Wish it would have been...
  9. Jim Dockery

    Frosty Day In The Cascades

    Not much color in the shady Mt. Loop valley so I went B&W with these. South Fork Stillaguamish River Big Four trail
  10. Jim Dockery

    Stiletto Peak

    Hwy-20-12.19-18 by Jim Dockery posted Dec 11, 2019 at 3:52 PM Taken from Hwy 20, North Cascades (click through for extra large gallery image)
  11. Jim Dockery

    Trees in the mist, 3 variations

    It was a foggy day drive up Hwy 20 on Monday until we passed the gate. I stopped to shoot some trees in the mist, but while setting up my tripod they all but disappeared into increasing fog. I got cold waiting for it thin out so took a couple and figured it would be interesting to see what some...
  12. Jim Dockery

    Eldorado Pk.

    From Rockport
  13. Jim Dockery

    Frosty Trees Painted

    Drone shot, Topaz Impression painting filter, Topaz Studio frame.
  14. Jim Dockery

    Frosty Trees

    Drone Pano looking down on some frosty trees just off The Mountain Loop Hwy. Orton effect applied, then picture frame.
  15. JimFox

    Another Walk in the Park

    Another from the walk in the park with my oldest Granddaughter from the other day. I liked the 3 trees in front. I thought of cloning out some of the trees in the background but I just don't have time right now since I have 6 grandkids to play with and Thanksgiving. All comments are welcome, Jim
  16. JimFox

    A Walk in the Park

    I walked to the park with my daughter and the grandkids a couple of days ago here in Colorado. As it got close to sunset it started to get cold so everyone walked back to their house a few blocks away while I stayed at the park with my oldest granddaughter to shoot what I hoped was going to be a...
  17. Jim Dockery

    Mt. Pugh II

    Another view of Mt. Pugh, this time at 400mm.
  18. Jim Dockery

    Hwy 2 Fall Color

    I got these on a quick trip over to Leavenworth with out of town friends. We were heading for a walk to a waterfall if it wasn't raining yesterday but kept a drive further east as a back-up. Sure enough the west side was heavy rain, while east of Stevens Pass was just sprinkling. Some nice color...
  19. Jim Dockery

    Edith Creek, Mt. Rainier

    The clouds cooperated to reveal the mountain.
  20. JimFox

    Friday’s Focus - 2019/09/23 - Trees with Clouds

    Our Focus on this Friday is on Landscapes that have Trees with Clouds. No Single Trees please. No Forests either, rather a Stand of Trees. So start digging, you might have to look deep to find this weeks Focus. Please Add your photos to this Thread. I will start with an example. I apologize...
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