1. Jim Dockery

    Backyard Buddy III

    Perhaps my favorite so far.
  2. JimFox

    After a Long Night

    After a long night of Deep Space photography, I took a quick 45min nap to get up to shoot the last of the stars with my 14mm which then turned to sunrise. :) I haven't processed my 14mm star shots yet, because I really liked the way the sunrise turned out. Not too long before sunrise there...
  3. Jim Dockery

    Sunrise from Sunrise

    Mt.-Rainier-Morn-8.19-04-Pano by Jim Dockery posted Aug 16, 2019 at 1:17 PM Mt. Rainier as seen from just above Sunrise a couple days ago.
  4. Jim Dockery

    Avalanche Path on Big Four

    Drone View, DJI M2P
  5. Ron Tuscany

    Green Stream

  6. Jim Dockery

    Chickadee vs. Hummingbird

    The chickadee stood it's ground and stared down the hummer.
  7. Shibu George

    The average dog is a nicer person than the average person

    I cannot ask for a better element than this, I'm sure they also enjoyed the sunset!
  8. Jim Dockery

    Climbing El Capitan

    Since many members seem to frequent Yosemite, and then of course shoot the biggest wall there, I thought I'd share a few pictures from a climb of the Salathe Wall back in the early 70s. Shot with a Rollie 35 on Kodachrome 64. Early Climb (63) by Jim Dockery posted Jun 2, 2018 at 9:54 AM Me...
  9. Shibu George

    The pillars of Garden of the Gods

    Everyone in Colorado know this place, those who don't, it's Garden of the Gods. Had an early morning tryout today , made it there just few minutes before sunrise thanks to "no traffic jam'
  10. Jim Dockery

    Shadow Yoga

    My wife and I had some fun playing with out shadows on the Bryce Canyon Rim Trail on a fall evening.
  11. Jim Dockery

    Utah Hwy 12 pano

    Shot just down from the overlook. I was trying to just use my 55mm as a walk-around lens, so had to go pano for wider shots, as I remember I shot this one in 3 rows. Hwy-12_Pano by Jim Dockery posted Feb 15, 2018 at 9:07 AM
  12. Jim Dockery

    Coyote Gulch

    We spent 3 days in here two falls ago. Dropped into the middle and camped, then a day hiking both up and down stream. Coyote-Gulch_0307 by Jim Dockery posted Feb 19, 2018 at 9:09 AM Coyote-Gulch_0364 by Jim Dockery posted Feb 19, 2018 at 9:09 AM Coyote-Gulch_0207 by Jim Dockery posted Feb...
  13. Jim Dockery

    Climbing Mt. Index

    Mt. Index is one of the easiest access dramatic peaks in the Cascade mountains of Washington, sitting right next to Hwy 2 not far from Seattle. It's north peak is also one of the hardest to reach, with no easy way up (or down). In the summer it presents an interesting mix of hard to protect...
  14. Jim Dockery

    Yei Bi Chai in B&W

    After seeing the nice color versions of these towers in the landscape forum I went back through my files to my own trip to Monument Valley. I didn't pay for a guide so all my shots are from the road.
  15. Jim Dockery

    Lower Antelope in B&W

    After a lot of research I still was conflicted about going to Antelope Canyon. Of course the images I'd seen were beautiful, and a college of mine, Bruce Barnbaum, was one of the first photographers to discover it. Reading about the crowds, $$ for the photo tours, and contsraints to keep with a...
  16. Jim Dockery

    2nd Beach Sunset

    One of my favorite easy access beaches in Olympic National Park, just far enough of a walk to not normally be over crowded. These 3 girls were the last people I saw that day, glad they walked through. I quite enjoyed being the last one though and made my way back to the car by headlamp.
  17. JimFox


    The area's around Bisti have no shortage of strange and weird rocks. This area that is not a part of Bisti but is south of it, is no exception. There is one really cool feature that is focused on when people go visit there, and while that feature is really fun to shoot, I think I had even more...
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