1. stevendillonphoto

    Rainbow Tornado

    Rainbow Tornado is from my Naturally Abstract collection and was composed at the magical Yonce Farm in Ridge Spring, SC. In addition to being backlit, I loved the colors and shapes here. In my mind’s eye, I immediately thought that it looked like a tornado with a rainbow of colors dropping...
  2. JimFox

    Rainbow Surprise!

    I guess it wasn't a total surprise since the inclement weather had me on the look out for it. I had gone down with my daughter and 6 grandkids to the Rocky Mountain Arsenal which is east of Denver a bit. It has gotten turned into a wildlife/nature preserve. So it has bison, deer, prairie dogs...
  3. After the storm 4

    After the storm 4

  4. Amy Earl

    After the storm

    We've had a few days of rain followed by clearer days with thunderstorms in the evening. Always an exciting time to go out just after the storm. All comments welcome :) Edit: Adding one more version of this scene below - I think the cooler temperature works better to bring out the...
  5. After the storm 3

    After the storm 3

  6. After the storm 2

    After the storm 2

  7. After the storm

    After the storm

  8. Rainbow


  9. JimFox

    Friday's Focus - 2019/12/13 - Rainbows

    The Focus this Friday is on Rainbows! Please add your Landscape photos that have Rainbows in them into this thread. I will start with one from last Sunday. As the storms started to clear up before sunset by San Simeon California, I saw this small Rainbow right after I left shooting the...
  10. Jim Dockery

    Rainbow Over Pilchuck

    Lk-Stevens-Rainbow096-pano-2 by Jim Dockery posted Sep 11, 2019 at 7:05 AM I was hoping for a nice sunset after enjoying the thunderheads over the mountains when my wife and I went for a walk yesterday. From the backyard a while later I noticed a bit of a rainbow, so sent the drone up to check...
  11. JimFox

    Rainbow Mesa

    Well, that's my name for it anyway... :) This was one of my almost endless distractions and delays on my way from Sedona to Santa Fe on Friday. My ETA changed from a 7pm arrival to a midnight arrival due to my getting distracted and getting off the I-40 and driving down many side roads. I saw...
  12. Jim Dockery

    Flying Through Circular Rainbows

    I'm cross-posting this here to keep the drone discussions going. Click through to view in full HD to really see it (esp. the stars). Starts off with some time-lapses shot with my Sony A7rII, then goes to video from a DJI Mavic Pro 2. Time-lapse shots prepared in Lightroom. Video edited in...
  13. Jim Dockery

    Flying Into Glory

    Chasing glory rainbows. View full screen to see stars.
  14. Jim Dockery

    Playing with a glory rainbow

    I was flying my drone around Mt. Pilchuck yesterday morning when the clouds started to build. I saw a glory rainbow forming above me, so I flew out and framed the mountain with the rainbow as an accent. It was incredible having the ability to place the camera where I wanted it to capture this...
  15. Kyle Jones

    Another Horseshoe Rainbow

    I posted my image with a full Rainbow over Horseshoe Bend last week. This image doesn't have the full rainbow, just one of the brighter segments of it. This is, though, my favorite composition. We shot Horseshoe for 2 sunsets and a sunrise a week ago, waiting for nice light. This was the best...
  16. Jim Dockery

    Sunset Rainbow

    Drone-sunset-12.30.18--00-Pano by Jim Dockery posted Dec 31, 2018 at 6:00 AM Click through for larger gallery image
  17. Jim Dockery

    Brocken Spectre

    A Brocken spectre (German: Brockengespenst), also called Brocken bow or mountain spectre, is the magnified (and apparently enormous) shadow of an observer cast upon clouds opposite of the Sun's direction. - Wikipedia I'm somewhere in the rainbow around the shadow of the tip of the mountain.
  18. JimFox

    Giant Staircase Rainbow

    One of the fun things to do in Yosemite is to get rainbows or moonbows at the various waterfalls. Here is one I got as I shot from up at Glacier Point shooting at an area called the Giant Staircase with the rainbow at the bottom of Vernal Falls. All comments are welcome, Jim
  19. alatoo

    Rainbow Desert

    Red Cliffs (Adeii Eechii) that are a part of Painted Desert. C&C welcome Sasha.
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