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  1. JimFox

    Friday's Focus - 2019/02/8 - Stars

    The Focus this Friday is on Stars! Please add your Star photos to this Thread. I will start out with a few. Jim This is from the Bristlecone Pine Forest, and is a very commonly shot tree. This is from the Philippines off the island of Bohol These next 2 are from the Bisti Badlands area...
  2. Levy Davish

    What a night at the desert - The Ramon crater

    So we head south - @lionking (Andrey Wagner) and me to the quiet and dark desert (I read that there where 10000 quiet people down there with us) to try and take the perseoids with the milky way but we were looking for a nice fg as well so after a while when it was too dark we found that unnamed...
  3. Alisa

    Tufa in the Night

    A friend here in Colorado told me I need to check out Mono Lake if I was going to go to Yosemite. The first day when Jim and I got there is was snowing, cold and overcast but the following night when we had finally decided it would be best to shoot Mono at night rather than Mammoth due to time...
  4. Shibu George

    Loxia/Sony for Astro?

    Anyone tried Loxia 35mm or 21mm with Sony for astrophotography? Just wondering how good is it for Astro, I'm just thinking about using the loxia 35mm with A7S for astro pano, any suggestions? Thanks
  5. Kyle Jones

    Lightroom Night Sky Preset 2017-11-25

    This is my starting point for processing night sky photos in Lightroom. This uses a cooler white balance and more noise reduction than my daytime preset. From this starting point I generally set the white/black points either with the white/black sliders or the point curve. I then adjust the...
  6. Dean

    Night Lights...

    Since this is a big week for events in the sky I thought these might be appropriate. Theses are all from an amazing night I had a few falls ago up in Yellowknife Canada . Some may have sen these posted in another forum a few years ago but for those who have not I hope you enjoy. These along with...
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