1. Jim Dockery

    Backyard Buddy III

    Perhaps my favorite so far.
  2. Jim Dockery

    Backyard Buddy II

    After getting the first good shots of this little squirrel this morning I got the idea to toss some peanuts over by this rock they often sit on, then set up my camera on a tripod on top of my computer desk and aim my 100-400mm lens through the window. She cooperated nicely for this shot. I like...
  3. Jim Dockery

    Back-yard buddy

    I'm not sure who's taming who. I've got a couple of squirrels that I feed peanuts in my yard. They come up to the window I look out of from my computer to get my attention, then I jump up, go out to the garage to grab a small handful of raw peanuts out of the big bag I order from Amazon, and go...
  4. Darcy Grizzle


    We sure got lucky on the way out of VOF to go shoot the Moapa Powwow, in spotting these right before the visitor center. Pardon the fb logo
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