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  1. Jim Sanderson

    Bryce is Nice

    Dang, looks like a good trip.
  2. Jim Sanderson

    Friday’s Focus - 2020/05/29 - In the Canyon

    One from Sesriem canyon.
  3. Jim Sanderson

    Waterfall Wednesday 5/27/2020

    One from the weekend. A little Sierran spring creek with snow runoff.
  4. Jim Sanderson

    Winged Wednesday 5/27/2020

    Three for Winged Wednesday. Cranes in the morning light from this last winter at the refuge. A little focus stacked bug on a calla leaf from a camping trip this last weekend. Geese in the pre-dawn morning.
  5. Jim Sanderson

    wild dog puppies

    They don’t appear particularly friendly. Nice capture.
  6. Jim Sanderson

    Fox Family

    Great set. I rarely get to see foxes, let alone gay a chance to capture a few shots of them.
  7. Jim Sanderson

    Female Varied Thrush Bathing

    Nice pick. I like the blue birdbath too.
  8. Jim Sanderson

    Backyard Buddy III

    Nice squirrel Jim.
  9. Jim Sanderson

    Crepuscular rays on the Blueridge Parkway

    Nice post. They show a lot of depth and have a nice palette. The third one is killer for me.
  10. Jim Sanderson

    98% Moon

    Hand held? Not bad. New moon here in a couple of days and clean air after storms. Time for some star shots.
  11. Jim Sanderson

    Take off

    Very nice.
  12. Jim Sanderson

    Hadrian's Wall

    Wow, this is very nice. Colors are very nice. Love it.
  13. Jim Sanderson

    Study of a tree #1

    Dang, I thought it was a Dr. Seuss tree. Nicely done. I’m with you on the singular trees.
  14. Jim Sanderson

    Skyline again

    Nice Jeffrey, love the tonal development.
  15. Jim Sanderson

    This morning at the river.

    Yes, that’s very nice. I like the shutter speed you used and colors are great.
  16. Jim Sanderson

    don't blink

    Foxes are pretty cool critters. Nice capture.
  17. Jim Sanderson

    A Desert Palette

    Kudos, nice one from that location.
  18. Jim Sanderson

    Bay Area Grab Bag

    All very nice Tim.
  19. Jim Sanderson

    Round-lobed Hepatica, Moraine Hills State Park, IL

    Pretty flowers. The composition is very nice.
  20. Jim Sanderson

    Fall Along the Wonderland

    Very nice Alan, would love to take that trail.
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