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  1. pepper

    Backyard Buddy III

    it looks 3d against the background. fantastic photo.
  2. pepper

    Winged Wednesday 5/20/2020

    lovely bird!
  3. pepper

    Fox Family

    great series of photos! love all of the crisp details in the faces and eyes.
  4. pepper

    Back-yard buddy

    great shots of the tree rat!
  5. pepper

    there's one in every family

    one kit was a hide and seek master, laughing at me while he practiced his ninja skills in the tall weeds....and this kit has fleas. there's one in every family.
  6. pepper

    fox and dead friend

    thanks monika. the marsh is packed full of birds right now so it's probably easy to find a weak one and pick them off.
  7. pepper

    Fox Imitates Cheetah

    thats's awesome. he looks so intent and focused.
  8. pepper

    fox and dead friend

    haha! thanks alan. thanks ben. i've been lucky with the foxes lately.
  9. pepper

    Hey, I'm Here!

    amazing detail in the fur. beautiful capture.
  10. pepper

    La Jolla, San Diego

    gorgeous bird, pretty sweet how it blends into the rock it's sitting on.
  11. pepper

    fox and dead friend

    found this girl wandering around the refuge with her new dead friend this afternoon. she happily posed for a few photos before skipping off to bury the bodies. my kinda girl.
  12. pepper

    setting sail to nowhere

    thanks alan. normally there isn't much wave action out here so i was very happy to have some movement in the water. not sure a bilge pump will help buff this out. ;) thanks jim.
  13. pepper

    Lupin Field

    wow, really nice image, the low, close view of the flowers is top notch.
  14. pepper

    Hadrian's Wall

    i've seen a lot of photos of the wall before, but none like this. great comp. and gorgeous light.
  15. pepper

    Skyline again

    the dark moody b&w tones are perfect on this. they really emphasize the texture of the buttes.
  16. pepper

    Sealed the Sunset!

    stunning colors. and the seals make it a little extra special. can't blame you for not wanting to take photos on someone else's phone. i've never liked touching other people's phones, even before all of this. you hear people using them in public bathrooms, talking and spitting all over...
  17. pepper

    The Towers

    nicely composed! i love all of the different ranges lined up like that.
  18. pepper

    Summertime in Scotland with new winter image

    gorgeous view of the lighthouse. great earthy tones too.
  19. pepper

    Grand View

    nice use of the foreground. it adds some mystery to the canyon below.
  20. pepper

    Spring and Falls +Edit

    there's not too much on the right side of the tree. maybe try a vertical crop with the tree on the edge?
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