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  1. Bart Carrig

    A couple from the NY Adirondacks with Dean

    Racquette Lake near sunset with the 11-24 Same lake on the opposite side as the clouds developed Sunset from the North side of Racquette Lake C&C Welcome Bart
  2. Bart Carrig

    From the summer run to the Adirondacks with Dean

    A couple from an extended weekend in the Adirondacks, where we hit a few new sites, and some old favorites: A trail along the Boreas River to the Eddy The Boreas River, above the trailhead We spent some time in these falls to spruce-up, and cool off. Bart
  3. Bart Carrig

    Pumpkin Hollow, Adirondacks

    Couple of falls and stream images from the 'decks a few weeks ago The Falls at Pumpkin Hollow And the tall view: Bart
  4. Bart Carrig

    Dean at Mesquite Dunes

    Another from Death Valley 2020 BC (Before COVID) Dean's A-Maze-ing Dunes Bart Dean at Mesquite Dunes after a lovely sunrise. Bart
  5. Bart Carrig

    Wall of Clouds

    Heading home from camp, drove into a lovely wall of clouds atop a hillside. What a treat. Bart
  6. Bart Carrig

    Memorial Weekend in the Northeast

    Got in some good hikes and some time at camp over the weekend. My grandson and I took a long hike into the Siamese Ponds Wilderness area of the Adirondacks. A photo of him on the suspension bridge over the Sacandaga River And spent some time at our camp, 10 acres and a lean-to we built...
  7. Bart Carrig

    A Northeast Spring Series

    It's been a long, damp and cold spring, and only recently warmer conditions with new colors and growth arriving. Here's a couple. A bloom of Trillium An abandoned Cemetery road Saturday's Hike on the Northville to Placid Trail. A view straight down the trail -- note the...
  8. Bart Carrig

    For all the mothers out there:

    Happy Mother's Day, a field of white Trillium just outside of town this morning: And for everyone else, spring in the Southern Adirondacks a 1/2 hour away, was interrupted yesterday by sudden snowstorm; I caught an early part of it, before it suppressed the spring color. And on the...
  9. Bart Carrig

    Death Valley with Dean

    I'm late getting a report in from a great trip with Dean to Death Valley in early March; it's also crazy at work with the combination of restrictions at Court and the need to process emergencies; AND, breaking in a new computer. (Enough with the excuses) I was so lucky to have Dean as a tutor...
  10. Bart Carrig

    A Wintery Mix

    Happy New Year to all On New Year's Eve here in the Northeast, we got hit with a thunder and lightening storm that came with some wet, freezing rain and snow. So this morning I took a quick run to the higher elevations to see what was wrought: Lots of branches down, and a couple of rural...
  11. Bart Carrig

    Merry Christmas to my friends at Focal World

    A Christmas Card to my good friends at FW Bart Carrig
  12. Bart Carrig

    In the beginning ... (Acadia National Park)

    On the last morning at Acadia with Dean, we went to Cadillac Mtn Peak to the tune of some classic pea soup conditions. So in the beginning, THERE WAS NOTHING, just a tiny area in the eastern sky showing a patch of the Atlantic over the Mountain: Then, THERE WAS LITTLE, a slight view of a...
  13. Bart Carrig

    Couple of fall captures with Dean

    Got into the Adirondacks a with Dean in October and I have a few to share: First, Dean at an overlook at Owl's Head, a convenient peak in prime color near Keene Valley #2 Scene and Reflection at the Wilmington Bog: A reflection in the same bog: Another reflection in the...
  14. Bart Carrig

    Aasgard and the Core of the Enchantments

    I had the opportunity to hike the Enchantments, through the core with Dave Fantle on a blistering 1 day through hike all 20 miles on a "day" permit from 5 am - 9 pm, with camera, of course. I just read of a tragedy there last Thursday when a man from Dallas with his son camped (apparently at...
  15. Bart Carrig

    Canoeing for Color

    Another trip on the West Branch of the Sacandaga River, this time for early fall colors on the swamp maples. Fall is about to arrive in the Adirondacks. Bart
  16. Bart Carrig

    More Early Colors in the Adirondacks

    The nights are getting cooler, the swamp Maples are progressing in their transition. So here's more local teasers for fall: Bart
  17. Bart Carrig

    Escalante View

    When I made a quick run to Escalante in May, I forgot to post an 11-24 capture of the view to the east off Rte 24 South of Boulder. (When you look west, you're above the canyon leading to lower Calf Creek, falls, but if you look East, the canyon on that side snakes along the foreground. So it...
  18. Bart Carrig

    Harbingers of Fall

    Again from the Adirondacks, not far from home (about a marathon away) there's patch of swamp maples that "announce" the end of summer -- throwing just a few tentative reds and a few orange leaves amongt the otherwise luscious greens. I found such a batch on Sunday morning...
  19. Bart Carrig

    A Misty Morn - Adirondacks

    Made an early run to the 'dacks this morning, knowing there would be mist and found a nice bog near Speculator. So here's a couple from there: In the mist: As it began to lift: Two when it opened up for a short time, then got soaked in fog again: Bart
  20. Bart Carrig

    Another stream outing in the Adirondacks

    Two more Adk summer stream scenes. It's been pretty lush after heavy spring rains, and ample summer storms as well: #1 West Branch, Sacandaga River #2 Oxbow Outlet, Piseco Bart
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