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  1. Amy Earl

    In the field at dawn

    Interesting, I didn't know this trick. They didn't include any examples, unfortunately, but I can imagine the Vaseline creating a similar effect. Thanks Doug! Glad you like the photos :) Looking forward to doing more with this technique - it works especially well with the sun on the horizon.
  2. Amy Earl

    The Recipe #45 - Smooth

    Thanks all! :)
  3. Amy Earl

    The Recipe #45 - Smooth

    Been busy this week visiting inlaws but found some last-minute time to contribute to the contest! This is incense smoke, taken indoors with a flash. I felt like it came out looking pretty smooth looking :cool:
  4. Abstract


  5. Smoke


    Incense smoke
  6. Ibex in Chablais

    Ibex in Chablais

  7. Amy Earl

    April rainshower

    Yes! Good idea, I hadn't noticed that cloud. Thanks Jameel :) Thanks Doug, glad you like it. Thanks, I'll try this along with Jim's suggestion to fix the burned cloud at the top.
  8. Amy Earl

    Somewhere in Vermont

    Stunning, Jameel. The autumn colors against that wonderful sky and clouds is a real treat! Do you know where in VT this was? My husband and I are looking to maybe move to the southeastern area of the state this summer. It's nice to have a glimpse of what we'll see in the fall :)
  9. Amy Earl

    April rainshower

    Thanks Alan! Yes, I was surprised at what I was able to pull out of the foreground and I think it adds some nice greens to the scene.
  10. Amy Earl

    Pers-Jussy Church

    I often drive by this church down the road in a little village called Pers-Jussy. A couple days ago it looked exceptionally splendid after a rainshower when the fog had lifted in the valley. The red roof near the left edge in the midground area is bothering me I think, but I didn't want to lose...
  11. Pers-Jussy


  12. Amy Earl

    April rainshower 2

    Here is a brighter view a little farther along the same post-shower walk when there was a little more light falling on that distant valley. I think I like this one better. Thoughts?
  13. Arbusigny rainshower

    Arbusigny rainshower

  14. Amy Earl

    This morning at the American Fork River

    Ah okay, I'm happy with the greens in these versions but curious to see what you ended up going with. In the wide shot I also really like the rocks in the lower left foreground, they are sharp and vivid. Very nice scene overall.
  15. Amy Earl

    April rainshower

    Here's a view that I've posted before but in different conditions. This was taken just after a brief rainshower on April 27. I had to do some serious modifications to mine something nice out of this capture, so I'm showing a before/after processing. The second photo is straight-off-the-camera...
  16. Arbusigny View

    Arbusigny View

  17. Amy Earl

    This morning at the American Fork River

    Beautiful shots, Ben. I love the wider view which captures the roots of that tree on the far bank, somehow they enhance the sense of motion in the water.
  18. Amy Earl

    A Desert Palette

    I agree with Ken on the difficulty of scale but it just makes the place look all the more otherworldly. Very beautifully captured, Alan. I like how sharp and vivid it looks.
  19. Amy Earl

    Sunrise at the Quiraing, Isle of Skye

    Beautiful! Love how the tree is silhouetted nicely against the orange glow. Scotland is on my list...
  20. Amy Earl

    Mountain sunrise + Edit

    Your crop is a nice improvement on an already beautiful morning landscape. The houses weren't bothering me in #1 (though I agreed with Monika's comment) but when I saw #2 I was sold. Getting rid of the houses removes distraction and enhances the feeling of being alone in the wilderness with...
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