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  1. Kyle Jones

    Friday's Focus - 2020/09/18 - Green

    With so many fires and other dried up end of summer landscapes, I'm thirsting for something green - so please help me out! I'll start it off with some Spirit Falls...
  2. Kyle Jones

    Following the Trail of Comet Neowise + 2 Edits

    I think that last crop is a definite improvement!
  3. Kyle Jones

    Milky Way Lesson 3

    I couldn't help but play with the first one a little. I hope you don't mind. Mostly adding some contrast and playing with the colors a little.
  4. Kyle Jones

    Milky Way Lesson 3

    I really like the portrait version in particular. Plenty of light to work with on the foreground and detail in the sky. While the clouds may be obscuring the core of the MW a little, they do also add some drama on their own. With some finishing post processing I think it is a winner. I think the...
  5. Kyle Jones

    Thursday's Task 09/17/2020

    Here are some favorites of mine... 1) This is actually in this month's issue of Landscape Photography Magazine 2) My favorite color and light at Conway summit with an incoming storm 3) And of course the Watchman
  6. Kyle Jones

    Factory Butte - Updated Crop

    Really dramatic. My vote goes for the tighter crop. Very cool!
  7. Kyle Jones

    Wild night at Pickthorne Lake.

    Really wonderful light! Nicely captured and presented too!
  8. Kyle Jones

    Following the Trail of Comet Neowise + 2 Edits

    Yeah, that thought crossed my mind too.
  9. Kyle Jones

    Following the Trail of Comet Neowise + 2 Edits

    Very nice result Jim. I'd be tempted to crop from the bottom to eliminate the triangle of snow in the lower left. The sky is the star anyway...
  10. Kyle Jones

    Winged Wednesday 9/16/2020

    Here's another owl photo from last week...
  11. Kyle Jones

    Waterfall Wednesday 9/16/2020

    Here is one from McDonald Falls in Glacier...
  12. Kyle Jones

    Early morning at Sparks Lake

    Nice crisp image
  13. Kyle Jones

    Morning at Saint Mary Lake

    I did park in the official pullout - I think they expanded it since I was last there. I know last time I walked uphill to the viewpoint from where I parked so I did this time too. I figured out later (when I went back with family) that the official viewpoint was down the hill. Oh well. The...
  14. Kyle Jones

    Morning at Saint Mary Lake

    If only I'd brought my surf board... there were some good breakers!
  15. Kyle Jones

    Milky Way lesson 2. (image added at end of post)

    I'm hoping to shoot Bowling Ball Beach - I'll be at my parent's house nearby this weekend.
  16. Kyle Jones

    Milky Way lesson 2. (image added at end of post)

    BTW - I'm looking at Saturday night as a great opportunity to shoot the MW with some low moon light. Out here, I expect to have great conditions at about 8:45 pm.
  17. Kyle Jones

    Morning at Saint Mary Lake

    Since I was spending 3 weeks near Glacier, I was watching the forecast to pick a morning where it would be worth getting up early and driving over the pass to shoot Saint Mary Lake at sunrise. Unfortunately, while the light was definitely nice, it was windy enough that the trees were blowing...
  18. Kyle Jones

    Grinnell Point, Glacier National Park.

    I'm kind of with Bob. This image has a lot of great elements that almost work really well together. I think my biggest issue is that the strong leading lines are on the left and pretty much lead the eye out of the frame. I still think this is a nice image, I'm just wondering if there is a...
  19. Kyle Jones

    Milky Way lesson 2. (image added at end of post)

    Longer exposures make it more likely that things will move too. Hyperfocal distance for a shot at 14mm f/2.8 is 8 feet, so there really shouldn't be a reason to stop down for DOF unless you have a foreground within 4 feet of the camera.
  20. Kyle Jones

    An Owl in the City

    I met up with Alejandro in San Francisco in search of some owls that he had photographed earlier in the week. We walked around for a while finding nothing, until this nice looking bird flew in and landed on a tree next to us. Any thoughts are welcome. 1) Filling the frame 2) Looking fluffy...
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