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  1. David S

    Underground Overground?

  2. David S

    The Sun among the wires

  3. David S

    Dark night along the California coast

    I did not have my tripod so these are like @F2... but still interesting. Calafia state beach San Clemente
  4. David S

    There was an eerie stillness in the air

    Just side streets and alley-ways, a sliver of Oceanside California at night 1 2 3 4 5 6
  5. David S

    The Recipe #47 - Soft Contrast

    Not sure if this is a good fit or not... pretty soft and low contrast
  6. David S

    The new normal

    Just up the trail from me about 150 feet...
  7. David S

    Fullerton Train Station near dusk

    I was aiming for a 70s film look.. Shooting with that old 80's 135mm.. Lots of challenge.
  8. David S

    Solitary Evening

    A few shots from about a week ago.. I wasnt really trying to shoot particularly well , just wandering around
  9. David S

    Californi-aye Sunset

    Was in Newport Area and got up on a bluff near Superior and PCH, pointed my lens towards Huntington Beach and snapped a few. Those smokestacks are about 5 miles away... This was with my old 80's vintage 135mm whuch is technically a horrible lens, but the challenges is poses in shooting and also...
  10. David S

    Wheel and a light

    Thought these two were kind of interesting as the sun was starting to fall in the late afternoon
  11. David S

    Often overlooked view

    That taller building is a catholic church about 4/5 of a mile away, that tower in the right side is KOCE and its about 4 miles away. I'm using that vintage 135mm lens I got from ebay.
  12. David S

    Criss Cross

    The intersection of columns and gates in a parking garage
  13. David S


    Sometimes when things get shattered they become incredibly beautiful ; more beautiful then before. I think I posted this before a long time ago, but I just did a re-edit completely changing the contrast, vignetting, sharpness zones, etc.. This was glass underneath a ground light, (a light under...
  14. David S

    Sunsety Nature Preserve in Fullerton

    Taken in Fullerton towards a nature preserve amidst golf courses... but a half mile away in a parking lot.
  15. David S

    I found the beeeest lens hood ! I promise

    You have to wonder why even put this on the camera
  16. David S


    Never seen someone loving their jog so much
  17. David S

    Tower Records

    Just a walk at lunch... looks a LOT like film
  18. David S

    Flowers and bees

    I really didn't have the right setup for the bees, tripod, and patience needed! But these are fun quick snaps. 1 2 3
  19. David S

    Do you like your water fountains frozen

    Frozen in time that is... not sure which one is best, they all have character 1 2 3 4
  20. David S

    Leaves from the branches

    I don't usually shoot jpg but this was a quick one, still testing out this 135mm lens. This is cropped in about 30%
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