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  1. Jeffrey

    Finally a sunrise to arise to

    I saw some clouds appear last night and thought they might hang around till morning. Here they are, gracing Stearns Wharf in Santa Barbara, CA. Two frame vertical pano, Phantom 4 pro.
  2. Jeffrey

    Gimbal Tilt Pano

    I love making drone panos. Yes, so easy! Nice Pic, Jim.
  3. Jeffrey

    Wild night at Pickthorne Lake.

    How could this not be put at the top of the keepers list? Fabulous imaging, Barry!
  4. Jeffrey

    Thursday Task - 09/10/2020

    I once lived in Nevada for a short time. Not a memorable time of my life. This image was made in Nevada though nowhere near where I once lived.
  5. Jeffrey

    Live Oaks in the Tehachapi Mountains

    Douglas, what were you doing around Tehachapi? Chasing trains? I've been there many times. Looks just like that!
  6. Jeffrey

    How would you Crop this?

    Twas a dark and mysterious night and........
  7. Jeffrey

    Louisville Art Association National Photography Show

    That's great news. Best of luck. Exciting times for you.....
  8. Jeffrey

    Granite Sunrise

    The start of a wonderful day. Nice, Alan.
  9. Jeffrey

    The Recipe #51 - Golden Ratio

    I thought the Golden Ratio would have something to do with a positive return on investment. Nope. I don't have to think of such a thing, since whatever compositional 'guidelines' I may have once studied are now built in to my brain and act automatically. Then I can concentrate on creativity...
  10. Jeffrey

    Monument Valley View

    We just went from John Ford to Ansel. Great imaging and control of the tonalities.
  11. Jeffrey

    LOVE It When This Happens...

    Classic. Only thing missing is the posse.
  12. Jeffrey

    Friday's Focus - 2020/09/04 - Antelope Canyon

    Dan I'm impressed with your film results. Velvia would have been the last choice of film type I would have made to shoot that place. The shortest DR film in a place that has the highest DR!
  13. Jeffrey

    Friday's Focus - 2020/09/04 - Antelope Canyon

    Fine BW's, Jim.
  14. Jeffrey

    Friday's Focus - 2020/09/04 - Antelope Canyon

    This is going to be interesting...
  15. Jeffrey

    A simpler and more precise way to use luminosity masks

    Good idea. Jameel. I've been using that 'color range' select method for a very long time. Once you have the selection made (not in a mask yet), you can then click on Quick mask and edit the mask with brushes to add or delete areas, or soften edges, or change the opacity to 50% (or whatever you...
  16. Jeffrey

    Tractors r us

    Great set, Barry. Looks like they all could still operate.
  17. Jeffrey

    Almost Forgotten

    Great imaging, Jeff. I like that you included a good amount of the cemetery as well.
  18. Jeffrey

    Shiprock BW

    Probably the final keeper in the lot from the recent adventure. Three frame vertical pano using the Phantom 4 Pro for the capture.
  19. Jeffrey

    Where Did You Go? + Edit

    Very nice. Next time take me along.
  20. Jeffrey

    Friday's Focus - 2020/08/28 - Forests

    A short series of a forest in motion...
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