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  1. 01Ryan10

    A return to Corona Del Mar seascape

    Not sure that I posted this before, but I was bored and went through some of my 2017 images and found one to process. If you're not in and out before 3ft tide at this location, you're most likely swimming. Ladder Rock at Cameo Shores by Ryan Luna, on Flickr
  2. 01Ryan10

    Musco Hall at Chapman University

    In the city of Orange, California...where i live. Musco Hall by Ryan Luna, on Flickr
  3. 01Ryan10

    The Road to Oz

    Without the yellow bricks. So...there's this location that has the foreground below, but not quite dark enough for my liking to get a good MW image, so...i bring the milk to my location via composite. Milky Tree Path by Ryan Luna, on Flickr
  4. 01Ryan10

    Images for a Vlogger/Blogger

    A friend of my wife asked if I would photograph her daughter earlier this year for her vlog/blog. I pretty much committed myself about 2 years ago to stop shooting people, but it was hard to say no when the wife puts the pressure on. :D As much as I do like the images, I was reminded why I...
  5. 01Ryan10

    Precarious boulder at Whitney Portal

    I took the family camping at Whitney Portal campground this past weekend. As I was in awe of the shear granite cliffs nearly completely surrounding us, I kept looking up. Almost perfectly perpendicular to our campsite about 4000ft above us, I see something strange, so I used my 55-200mm on my...
  6. 01Ryan10

    Pure Milky Way

    My apologies if this is the wrong forum. I wasn't quite sure where to put this, so feel free to move appropriately as we don't have a "night" or "astro" forum. There is nothing special with these compositions. I'm just showing what a 15 image track and stacked MW looks like at 33mm, (21mm...
  7. 01Ryan10

    My all-nighter from Joshua Tree this past weekend

    Pulled another all-nighter this past Friday/Saturday. Now that the MW is visible a bit earlier and disappears around 3:30AM, I was able to get about 90 minutes of sleep at the White Tank campground in my car. For this trip, I drove about 50 minutes past the North East park entrance to get all...
  8. 01Ryan10

    My all-nighter in the Eastern Sierra yesterday. about an adventure... Pulled the all nighter last night. Woke up for work at 6AM yesterday and left the office at noon. I was on the road to the Alabama Hills by 1:30 in the afternoon leaving Orange County. My original plan was to shoot the 40 meter OVRO in Big Pine with the Milky...
  9. 01Ryan10

    It's been a while, my apologies.

    As you all know, it is very tough to find a good life balance. Between wife, 3 kids, work, getting out to shoot, several social media outlets, and my website, I fell off the radar from this website. Part of it is priorities and the other is that I switched from Canon to Fujifilm. I sold all...
  10. 01Ryan10

    My Geminid Meteor shower attempt

    Well...It is very tough to do anything astrophotography related in Orange County, but here is my attempt. I captured about 6 meteors in 6 images spread over 5ish minutes. I setup my tent fore some foreground interest.'s an Instagram thing. Crystal Cove, Newport Beach, CA by Ryan...
  11. 01Ryan10

    Reflections Rising

    I'm setup to get just one composition, because I just wanted to chill and enjoy the scene. There are several beaches in Laguna with these man made pools built right into the rocks, (built in the 1930s), but this is probably the best one, in my opinion. This particular beach has about 3-4 pools...
  12. 01Ryan10

    Fall colors in the Grand Canyon

    I found some sneaky colors down there. :D Gran Canyon Fall Colors by Ryan Luna, on Flickr
  13. 01Ryan10

    Another Corona Del Mar

    so...too overdone? Corona Del Mar by Ryan Luna, on Flickr
  14. 01Ryan10

    Yavapai Cotton Candy

    Many images from my Grand Canyon trip... :D Yavapai Point Cotton Candy by Ryan Luna, on Flickr
  15. 01Ryan10

    Descending Cedar Ridge into the Grand Canyon

    I saw the lights slowly moving down the ridge, and knew I had to get some long exposures. This was Friday morning at ~6AM or so. I wish I was able to get longer light trails of the hikers. I took 3 images at ~300 seconds each, but there wasn't much to blend in terms of the hiker's lights. I...
  16. 01Ryan10

    Grand Canyon views

    I took the family to the Grand Canyon for our first time this past Thursday and Friday nights. Shooting a sunset at the Grand Canyon during Thanksgiving was a little different, but it was the wife's idea to go out there. :) Anyways...I feel I got really, really lucky with the weather and the...
  17. 01Ryan10

    I just booked this Thur and Fri nights at Grand Canyon south rim.

    Wife, kids, and dogs are all camping two nights this Thanksgiving at Mather Campground in the South Rim area. Our first time to the GC. @JimFox told me last night that sunrise is very difficult from the sout rim, but sunsets are magical. Any advice on where to shoot the sunset? I imagine...
  18. 01Ryan10

    Images from yesterday evening at Laguna with Jim Fox

    I didn't get the shot I wanted, and I may go back today or tomorrow. There is a man made pool built into the rocks from the 1920s that I wanted to capture during dusk/twilight, but not knowing how the tides affect the cove exits, I decided to not do it. Now I know, and I feel comfortable...
  19. 01Ryan10

    The Lonesome Fox

    Our very own @JimFox perched on some Laguna Beach rocks near Thousand Steps beach. The Lonsome Photographer by Ryan Luna, on Flickr
  20. 01Ryan10

    Same Ladder Rock from Corona Del Mar

    Even though it looks the same as the other two images I posted prior weeks, this has a completely different foreground. Ladder Rock at Corona Del Mar by Ryan Luna, on Flickr
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