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  1. David S

    The Moon Among the Wires - Central Cal version.

    This is really nice Jim! The energy of the moving birds is really neat and it makes the picture flow in a really nice way I think
  2. David S

    Underground Overground?

  3. David S

    The Sun among the wires

  4. David S

    Dark night along the California coast

    I did not have my tripod so these are like @F2... but still interesting. Calafia state beach San Clemente
  5. David S

    There was an eerie stillness in the air

    Just side streets and alley-ways, a sliver of Oceanside California at night 1 2 3 4 5 6
  6. David S

    "Roasted Chestnuts"

    Nice details in this one...
  7. David S

    California St, San Francisco during the pandemic

    Pretty cool, , lots of activity in this picture
  8. David S

    The new normal

    Thanks everyone !!
  9. David S

    The Recipe #47 - Soft Contrast

    Not sure if this is a good fit or not... pretty soft and low contrast
  10. David S

    The new normal

    Just up the trail from me about 150 feet...
  11. David S

    Fullerton Train Station near dusk

    I was aiming for a 70s film look.. Shooting with that old 80's 135mm.. Lots of challenge.
  12. David S

    Solitary Evening

    A few shots from about a week ago.. I wasnt really trying to shoot particularly well , just wandering around
  13. David S

    Kensington market..

    Cool shots ! Welcome to the forum :) Lots of interesting blur and HDR type of B&W processing... kind of eerie almost..
  14. David S

    Californi-aye Sunset

    thanks !!!
  15. David S

    Californi-aye Sunset

    Was in Newport Area and got up on a bluff near Superior and PCH, pointed my lens towards Huntington Beach and snapped a few. Those smokestacks are about 5 miles away... This was with my old 80's vintage 135mm whuch is technically a horrible lens, but the challenges is poses in shooting and also...
  16. David S

    Memorial Day Flyover - Monday May 25th Noon

    Let me see, I might have kids that day.. might not be able to make it at all.. thanks for the offer though.. I shoot Fuji.
  17. David S

    Memorial Day Flyover - Monday May 25th Noon

    How low do you think they will be flying I only have a 180mm equivalent lens length... Also If anyone happens to be there from the businesses and asks you to leave the parking lot you can always just move to the sidewalk and there's nothing anyone can do legally.. Just a FYI
  18. David S

    Criss Cross

    maaaaybe ill try some crops...
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