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  1. Amy Nelson

    Revisit the Dandelion

    First real sign of spring here.
  2. Amy Nelson

    Simplicity, or Not

  3. Amy Nelson

    My Work Is Done

    I've been eyeing this truck for a while, but wish I had shot it before the tree limb fell. 590nm Color & BNW versions:
  4. Amy Nelson


    This was once a Tannery long ago, and then was converted to a candy factory, now the walls are just remnants of what used to be. Not even a hangout for kids anymore, discarded with the trash that surrounds it. Shortly it will be no more than a very distant memory. Visible Light 5D Mark IV, with...
  5. Amy Nelson


    Learning experience for 3-28-2021: a standard ND Filter does not work on a Full Spectrum camera with a infrared drop in filter. But it did make a nice "high key" black and white. This was taken with a Edge 50 Lensbaby lens. Note: They do make IRND Filters
  6. Amy Nelson

    Waiting for the Thaw

    This old house gets hammered all winter with harsh weather, I image it rejoices in the green of spring....I know I do.
  7. Amy Nelson

    Beautiful Morning # 2

    Full Spectrum - 665nm Filter - processed in the Areochrome look. (I really like this look with the snow)
  8. Amy Nelson

    What a Beautiful Morning

    I was headed to the bank early Thursday morning, drooling over the magnificent cloud cover and running people off the road the whole way. It just so happens I had my camera gear with me, so after stopping at the bank I decided to drop down to Ridgeway. I'm so glad I did, I was able to get some...
  9. Amy Nelson


    Monte Vista Sand Hill Crane Migration 2020, just no cranes at this location. They are usually pack at this spot, must of been a Covid thing.
  10. Amy Nelson

    Rural Route

    This an infrared 665nm I took last July. I added a texture to it because it felt more like a painting to me.
  11. Amy Nelson


    I have had this composition in my mind for some time now, but had never come across something that worked out as planned. Finally last fall I found this one that comes very close to what I had in mind, it's not perfect yet....a work in progress, maybe this year.
  12. Amy Nelson

    Light Through the Window

    Enjoying the warm light streaming through the front windows for a bit. Full Spectrum EOS-R - No Filter - Lensbaby Velvet 56 - f2 Full Spectrum EOS-R - No Filter - Lensbaby Velvet 56 - f4 Full Spectrum EOS-R - 665nm Filter - Lensbaby Sweet 50 Full Spectrum EOS-R - 720nm Filter - Lensbaby...
  13. Amy Nelson

    Gone with the Wind

    Included BNW & Color version, taken with my Canon T3i 665nm converted camera. The tittle is because every time I look at the BNW I think of the movie "Gone with the Wind". Thanks for stopping by!
  14. Amy Nelson

    Aerochrome in the San Juan's + Sample Photos

    A DIGITAL VERSION OF KODAK's AEROCHROME IR FILM 665nm conversion (minus the film grain) (I added a matte finish to my image, which lighted up the red) For those no familiar with Aeorchrome, here are a few samples from other photographers:
  15. Amy Nelson

    Revisiting the Old

    Now that we are getting a few people starting up in the IR world, I'll share a little info on my start up. I received my first IR camera in the summer, ideal time right, well I became very frustrated with the post processing and didn't touch it again few months. When I started shooting IR, there...
  16. Amy Nelson

    Gently it Falls

    It started snowing last Sunday morning and I waited a bit to see if it would die out, but it started coming down harder so I gathered up my camera gear and headed out. My goal was to find some good comps with the large cottonwood trees we have in this area. I was quite happy with this one.
  17. Amy Nelson

    Full Spectrum Conversion

    I've been wavering back and forth for a year now on converting my Canon 5D Mark IV to a Full Spectrum camera. I final decided three weeks ago to take the plunge (again 🤪). But when it came down to it, it was not advised to do it on my camera body of choice. Once I make a decision on something...
  18. Amy Nelson

    Sweet Bouquet

    Greetings on this fine Sunday morning! Sony a-6300 mod 590nm, 1/60 sec., 160 ISO, F4, Lens - Lensbaby Composer Pro II Sweet 50
  19. Amy Nelson

    Over Population

    Some shots I took for fun last weekend. I wanted to shoot this in Visible Light, but my battery died and my spears were sitting on my kitchen counter. So I had to use my Canon Rebel T3i with a mod of 665nm Infrared.
  20. Amy Nelson

    Icey Edge

    If you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.
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