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  1. AlanLichty

    Waterfall Wednesday 4/14/2021

    Good morning and welcome to another round of Waterfall Wednesday. My starter falls for today are some unnamed falls along my favorite trail in the Siuslaw National Forest that follows Sweet Creek. Add your own falling water images :)
  2. AlanLichty

    Cook's Chasm - a December View

    One of the more frequent ways to frame images of Thor's Well at Cape Perpetua is to set up so the sun is setting just over the well from the camera's point of view. No an easy task in early December when the sun is so far south you would need a drone to be able to frame the shot like that. This...
  3. AlanLichty

    Crabby II

    A few days back I posted some crabapple blooms that caught my attention while out on a walk. I went by that same tree yesterday and almost shocked at how many blooms the tree had on display so had to grab a shot. C&C always welcome.
  4. AlanLichty

    Sunday Gardens 4/11/2021

    Another morning for some gardening serenity photography. My Sunday offering is from a springtime visit to the Portland Japanese Garden. Add in your own images of landscaping as landscape themes.
  5. AlanLichty

    South Jetty Park Sunset

    There is a small park just south of the jetty in Bandon that isn't quite as popular as Coquille Point and Facerock Park but still has a bit of charm of it's own. The view of the usual Facerock sea stacks is quite different from this angle. This was a far cry from a nuclear sunset but I'll shoot...
  6. AlanLichty

    Orange Cliffs

    The Orange Cliffs are just north of the Hans Flat Ranger Station in the western part of Canyonlands National Park. The prominence on the right is known as Cleopatra's Chair. Scanned from Agfachrome 64. C&C always welcome.
  7. AlanLichty

    Camellia - The Spring Bloom

    One of the local examples of a camellia doing its spring color display. C&C always welcome.
  8. AlanLichty

    Waterfall Wednesday 4/7/2021

    It's Wednesday so time for another round of a falling water images. My kickoff for today is a somewhat elderly shot of Havasu Falls from my film days with a Minolta twin lens reflex. Pile on with your own waterfall images.
  9. AlanLichty

    Streetside Blooms

    A nice azalea bloom along my walk yesterday. C&C always welcome.
  10. AlanLichty


    A taste of springtime on a crab apple tree in Vancouver. C&C always welcome.
  11. AlanLichty

    Sunday Gardens 4/4/21

    Happy Easter and time for another round of Landscaping as a Landscape community thread. My starter is from the Portland Japanese Garden from a foggy fall morning along one of the garden paths. Pile on with whatever garden images you have to share.
  12. AlanLichty

    Some Fall in the Rainforest

    A fall scene from the Bogachiel rainforest in Olympic National Park. C&C always welcome.
  13. AlanLichty

    Waterfall Wednesday 3/31/2021

    Good morning and welcome to another edition of Waterfall Wednesday. My starter falls are a set of rapids along Paradise Creek just above Carter Falls in Mt. Rainier National Park. I have posted a tighter view of this spot but not this wider view of the scene. Pile on with your own falling...
  14. AlanLichty

    Fort Vancouver Grounds +edit

    Just north of the level plain that the Hudson Bay Company used for their trading post is where the US Army decided to build their own encampment on higher ground overlooking the Hudson Bay palisades. There have been a number of activities that have been imposed on the hillside between the...
  15. AlanLichty

    Sunday in the Garden 3/28/21

    Time for another moment of Sunday morning Serenity in a landscaping scene. I originally started posting garden scenes from the Portland Japanese Garden on Sundays because I used to go shoot there on Sundays but as a community thread any garden you have images of is welcome. My kickoff as always...
  16. AlanLichty

    A Simple Sunrise Scene

    Sunrise at Bandon Beach along the Oregon Coast. C&C always welcome.
  17. AlanLichty

    Little House on the Prairie

    This is a replica of one of many village houses that was on the flats just west of the trading post palisade in the Fort Vancouver National Historic Site. Same stacked fence I already posted a shot from. The Fort Vancouver site that was originally built by the Hudson Bay Company when this was...
  18. AlanLichty

    Stacked Fencing

    A simple shot of how fences were built in the early 1800's at the Fort Vancouver National Historic Site. This is part of a reconstruction of the village that was just outside of the Hudson Bay Company trading post palisade. 590nm IR with channel swap. C&C always welcome.
  19. AlanLichty

    Waterfall Wednesday 3/24/2021

    Welcome to another edition of Waterfall Wednesday. My starter falls this morning are a nice set of rapids along Edith Creek in Mt. Rainier National Park. If you have visited Paradise Lodge in this park there's a good chance you have hiked past this scene just above the lodge along the trails...
  20. AlanLichty

    Anemone Blooms +edit

    One more from our backyard flower beds. It's still a bit early in the spring for most of our deciduous trees to have leaves so most of the vistas that would work well for IR are a bit short of the mark for what I want to shoot. My wife's flowers will have to suffice as a target for now. 590nm...
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