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  1. Amy Nelson

    Dead Horse with Holga

    I kinda like the Holga in this scenario.
  2. Amy Nelson

    Penn Run

    Quite a joy to view, very nicely done.
  3. Amy Nelson

    Revisit the Dandelion

    I've never been up close and personal with a dandelion before, I never knew they had all those squiggly little lines.
  4. Amy Nelson

    Revisit the Dandelion

    First real sign of spring here.
  5. Amy Nelson

    Simplicity, or Not

    Thank you all very much!
  6. Amy Nelson

    Simplicity, or Not

  7. Amy Nelson

    Ninepipes Lodge

    Beautiful! Very quiet and peaceful looking.
  8. Amy Nelson


    Too funny!
  9. Amy Nelson


    Simply gorgeous!
  10. Amy Nelson

    Public Library

    Super duper shot here Jim, no swap works well here. Santa Fe has the best old doors.
  11. Amy Nelson

    High Key Minimalism

    I agree, perfection, l love this image.
  12. Amy Nelson

    Underwhelming Bortle 5-6 skies Milky Way

    I really like this, I would say you wouldn't even need the hill to the right, I like the simplicity.
  13. Amy Nelson

    Reflections on Watson Lake

    Wonderful shot Tom. The color in the rocks are beautiful, and that reflection...well wow.
  14. Amy Nelson

    A Friend in the Storm

    Nice shot Jim, I bet this would look nice in a sepia tone too, would really bring out the antique nature of the Holga.
  15. Amy Nelson

    Coyote and Badger

    Wow, a once in a lifetime scene. Fantastic!
  16. Amy Nelson

    Well known barn (plus edit)

    Beautiful, but I agree with Ken. The mountains behind the barn don't allow the barn to standout on it's own.
  17. Amy Nelson

    Sing for Prayers

    I can't help you with skin, as a rule I don't IR people. Jim Peterson would be the person to ask (is he even on FW anymore?). I think you did a great job with this. Cool capture!
  18. Amy Nelson

    Evening at the course

    Very nice!
  19. Amy Nelson

    Weekend Challenge - Holga Lens

    Thanks Jim, this was a fun challenge. I wish I had more time to get out and do more of it, but being the beginning of spring much work to be done.
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