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    Wild Bunch - "Family"

    love this shot, fantastic grouping.
  2. pepper

    Backyard Bloom

    excellent lighting
  3. pepper

    Green Tree Frog

    he looks cozy. love how you caught him on the end of the leaf.
  4. pepper

    Wild Storm and Wild Flowers

    nice view. it does look very painterly.
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    Rock Creek Lake Morning

    beautiful scenery!
  6. pepper

    Milky way in Mauritius

    love this! the tree makes for a great foreground.
  7. pepper


    this would be a great place for some mw shots. hope it pans out for you. beautiful reflection in the water.
  8. pepper

    gbh on a branch

    thanks everyone.
  9. pepper

    Kendrick Light, Southport, Maine

    gorgeous! print and hang this one.
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    View from Loop Rd., Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument, AZ

    the aspens give this a great sense of scale. the layers make a great comp.
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    Sunset on the Saint-Lawrence River

    looks peaceful, love how calm the water is. great reflection, too.
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    Falls Creek falls

    second one for me too. great photos, looks like a beautiful area.
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    Another from Yosemite Valley

    excellent photo
  14. pepper

    gbh on a branch

    thanks everyone. alan, i did some color grading to get the earthy tones, that's probably why the branch matches the gbh colors so closely. monika, the mosquitos are small, but there's so many of them you can't help but get bit. the gnat swarms are so thick they look like diesel exhaust...
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