Canon EOS 5DS R Mark II Rumors

Discussion in 'Canon' started by JimFox, Sep 9, 2017.

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    According to Canon Rumors a replacement for the Canon EOS 5DS R will not be coming in 2017, it looks like a Q3/Q4 2018 camera.


    This is what we’re told about the EOS 5DS / EOS 5DS R Replacement:

    • Working prototypes are currently being tested.
    • The “5DS” series will be amalgamated into a single camera.
    • No low pass filter.
    • All new 60.1mp image sensor.
    • A new type of low megapixel mode.
    • 4K video (video features will be basic)
    • Identical body to the EOS 5D Mark IV.
    • Focus peaking present, may appear first on another DSLR.
    • Expect all the other features such as DPAF, Wifi, Touchscreen and GPS.

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    As a current 5DSR owner, I would need to see a big improvement in low-iso DR or high-iso noise (preferably both) to consider investing in the Mark 2. The relatively small resolution improvement wouldn't be enough to make me buy.
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    Yes...i'm curious too. What's a bit saddening with the 5DS/R is the fact that my 6D MKI has almost identical DR even at ISO 100, and starts to outperform it at ISO 400. This is according to DXOmark.

    I'd like to see the 5DSR MKII hit the mid to high 14 stops of DR and ISO 100 and compete with the Sony sensors.

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